Top Girl Baby Names starting with x

// These were the most popular girl baby names in 2011.

The Most Popular Girl Baby Names From 2011 Starting On X.

Looking for a girl baby name starting on X? These were the 100 most popular names from 2011 - sorted by popularity. Click on a name to learn more. The rank next to each name is the position on the overall top list for girls this specific year.

Rank Name How Unique? Total births this year
215Ximena1 in 984 (0.1%)1,443
1034Xiomara1 in 7,355 (0.01%)193
1690Xitlali1 in 18,927 (0.01%)75
1706Xochitl1 in 19,446 (0.01%)73
2165Xitlaly1 in 33,012 (0%)43
2464Xenia1 in 44,360 (0%)32
3370Xochilt1 in 94,635 (0%)15
3703Xoe1 in 118,294 (0%)12
4231Ximenna1 in 177,441 (0%)8
4465Xena1 in 202,790 (0%)7
4466Xiclaly1 in 202,790 (0%)7
4467Xyla1 in 202,790 (0%)7
4876Xaria1 in 236,589 (0%)6
5720Xin1 in 283,906 (0%)5
5721Xolani1 in 283,906 (0%)5

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