Top Girl Baby Names starting with u

// These were the most popular girl baby names in 2012.

The Most Popular Girl Baby Names From 2012 Starting On U.

Looking for a girl baby name starting on U? These were the 100 most popular names from 2012 - sorted by popularity. Click on a name to learn more. The rank next to each name is the position on the overall top list for girls this specific year.

Rank Name How Unique? Total births this year
1117Unique1 in 8,313 (0.01%)170
2013Unknown1 in 28,265 (0%)50
2428Uma1 in 42,826 (0%)33
3908Una1 in 128,477 (0%)11
3909Ursula1 in 128,477 (0%)11
5691Umaiza1 in 282,650 (0%)5
5692Unity1 in 282,650 (0%)5
5693Uriah1 in 282,650 (0%)5
5694Uriyah1 in 282,650 (0%)5

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